A Retrospective: Vol. 6 Reviews

Listening to Staryk’s performance on this superb disc, one comes away with a feeling of awe and wonder at the sheer mastery. Here is violinistic wizardry.

Stereo Review, USA


The present set is simply stupendous from any angle. His playing brings to mind the young Heifetz.


… of even greater importance is the impressive collaboration of Staryk and Perry in the complete sonatas for violin and piano by Beethoven. …their set is highly competitive and is especially recommended.

New York Times


The Staryk-Perry duo is a partnership which fully measures up to the kinds of standards set by the foremost duos of our time.

The Strad (London)


Fanfare Magazine recently featured Steven Staryk in their September issue. They had a LOT to say about the legend. The following are just a taste of what David Saemann of Fanfare had to say about Volume 6.


The last volume documents Staryk’s longtime duo with pianist John Perry. Perry is a virtuosic and expressive player who blends well with Staryk. Their performance of the “Kreutzer” Sonata is vigorous and athletic—there’s no dawdling about this interpretation.


As for Bartók’s First Sonata, it unquestionably receives a great performance.


The second movement, and Adagio, is the high point of the duo’s interpretation.


The last movement, Allegro, offers great scope for virtuoso and passionate playing, and Staryk and Perry brilliantly.


Their ensemble here is almost uncanny.


Few artists give themselves so wholeheartedly to their audience.


Compared to him, nearly all other violinists indeed sound like children.