When you hear the present 2-CD set, you will probably wonder, as I did, “Where has this guy been all my life?” Recognition by the general public of an artist whom the British magazine The Gramophone proclaimed, “among the great ones” has been incredibly slow in coming. His technique and artistic temperament were never in doubt.
~ Audio Video Club of Atlanta

Staryk performs so brilliantly that light from the Staryk Galaxy permanently illumines our musical skies.

Anyone who has owned the Beecham recording of Scherazade has awed at and pondered over the talent of this master of his instrument. … the performance of the Paganini Concerto (live January 1969) has to rank of among the most intensely blistering virtuosi renditions in my experience. …If the Paganini might be construed as relatively “shallow music”, try Staryk in the classics by Beethoven (also live September 1961). …enjoys a singularly breath of vision, Apollinian and grandly conceived that mark this work’s innate nobility”… The consistent virility of execution sends both music and audience into another dimension.
~ Audiophile Audition

Staryk has shown me, disc after disc, that he is one of the finest musicians ever to set bow to string. …violinists of his calibre (and I can count those among the living on one hand)… Every disc in this 30-CD set is ample evidence that audiences and music lovers all over the world, except in Canada, Great Britain, and where his concerts were enthusiastically attended, missed the chance to hear and know this extraordinary musician. … His is not the kind of virtuosity that is off-putting. His musicianship always directs the listener to the beauty of the music…
~ American Record Guide, May/June 2009

I have such a high opinion of your playing that it would pain me to no end if artistry of such calibre would not have the recognition it deserves.
~ George Jellineck, critic, reviewer, and music director of WQXR (Radio station of the New York Times)

It is strange that Staryk’s fame didn’t spread throughout the world…a curious phenomenon within the music scene.
~ Fono-Forum Germany

Why it took so long for the planet Staryk to reach Earth will always remain
a mystery!
~ American String Teachers Association

…a virtuoso of the highest rank…who is constantly being “discovered” by awestruck reviewers.
~ The Strad, London

…should reawaken an appreciation of what solo violin playing meant to generation ago.
~ Gramaphone, London

Staryk soared into Walton’s opening movement … playing with an Olympian detachment that has everything under control…it was interesting to observe that the warmest applause came from the stage, from fellow professionals who react to the way the notes are actually played more than the glamour and fame.
~ Toronto Star

How can one explain that this magnificent instrumentalist is not more the violinist of the general public, while his playing has the highest esteem with his colleagues!
~ Le Devoir, Montreal

The preceding quotes should give rise to many tantalizing questions!